Divorced hearts mending is about the journey of being a divorcee. Whether you are a man or woman you can relate. I can only write from a woman’s perspective so please feel free to tell it from the man’s point of view. I would love to hear it!

This journey of divorce is not easy and it takes all one has to go through it. This blog is my outlet. This blog is my safe place. Writing is how I let it go. So I hope this blog gives some type of comfort. I am learning that the hurt my heart is feeling is a part of the healing process. Your divorced heart will heal….however you have to allow it. I have to allow it.

I do not know how to keep 14 years of memories from going through your head though. Let’s talk about it. How does one keep their dignity when it feels like it has been stripped? I do not fully know. Let’s talk about that too. I will talk to you. You talk to me.

Let’s talk it out.

Love you with the love of Christ!