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April 2013

Audio Post-Refocusing Part 2


Audio Post- Refocusing Part 1

Audio Post- Life-Giving Declaration

Life-Giving Declaration

“My life is worth living.” I can not tell you that everyday one understands the importance of their existence. I know and experience days when I think this is entirely too hard. Why do all the bad things seem to be happening? Where are all the good things? God I need a break with something good just to balance this HELL out. We all at some degree visit that place BUT we must remember that life is full of the GOOD and the BAD and that ALL things work together for our GOOD. That means that the HELL is working with every part of your life for your ULTIMATE GOOD. Let me hit this home to you in another way; everything that happens to or for you has to BENEFIT YOU. When we know God we can expect this! Your life is too important to simply forfeit. Allow your pain to be your power. Allow your disappointment to be your teacher. Allow your anger to be your personal trainer in patience and self-control. Your life is worth living if it gets hard, or if it is full of joy. You have a purpose and you were created on purpose. God does not makes mistakes. God needs you here. Don’t give up!

Life-Giving Declaration

“I will be honest with myself.” This is the one thing that a liar cannot do. Think about it, a person that lies has to negotiate that with themselves and believe it as truth before they can live the lie or tell the lie. To thy own self be true. Without the ability to be truthful with yourself, then a break down in your identity is evident, in your relationships, and your existence. To live being truthful means to live in freedom. Don’t lie yourself into a prison.

Life-Giving Declaration

“I will affirm myself daily.” It is so very important to give yourself a pat on the back. Sometimes you have to encourage yourself. There are moments in life in which you must look at yourself in the mirror and lavish on the compliments in which you have poured on others. It is just simply showing some self-love. There is no error with ensuring that a relationship with yourself is strong. Take the time to value you. Vanity is not cute but loving God’s creation which is you…ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Audio Post- Just Dropping A Word

Life-Giving Declaration

“I can live through the pain.” This declaration is meant to empower you in perhaps what is the most overwhelming and traumatic time of your life. As painful as this is, you can make it. It is a cliché that most people do not want to hear but it is necessary to tell you that you can survive this. I have to wake up in the morning, be alert for work, and parent my daughter while my heart sometimes is hemorrhaging. The world does not stop just because you and I are at this place. It keeps going and making its demands on us. The bills are not going to stop. The needs and wants of our families are not going to stop. The pain may stop for some, and for others it may just dull enough to smile again. Even this depends on to what degree you are willing to let go of what was, and embrace what is to come. You can live through this pain because the truth is, it will heal. Trust God for your complete healing. I know its hard. I am sending you a hug and a prayer. Be blessed my friend. I love you and don’t even know you.

Life-Giving Declaration

“I will live with integrity.” It is some important to be a person that you can trust and that can be trusted. It would be better to never to commit to anything than to commit only to turn back on that promise. A commitment goes beyond your feelings, your personal likes or dislikes, or even your tolerance. Commitment should endure the test of time. This is of the most important ingredients that marriages are desperately missing in this current age. Living with integrity means to stand flat-footed and let your yes be yes, and your no, no. When people encounter someone with integrity they feel a sense of comfort. If you lie or find yourself lying even in the little things, check it now. If you find yourself promise breaking often, check it now. If you find yourself not being able to be decisive, check it now. Own your lack of integrity and decide to change that with God’s help. I am no better than you and I am owning my own lack of integrity in areas and proactively working on them. Remember,  it is always the little foxes that spoil the vine.

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