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May 2013

Die Empty

Don’t you dare die with all of that wonderful, amazing, awesome, one of a kind, only you type of talent, potential and gift that you were created to deliver. Die empty! Only choose to leave this life when it is your time but while you are here, leave your purpose all here on this Earth where ever you be! Life is but a vapor the word of God says. What does a vapor look like? A vapor is liken to a deep breath blown in really cold weather. For only seconds are you able to see it, then its gone. It is a good visual of life’s fragility.

While there is still time, here and now is an opportunity for you to begin living a renewed purpose in the very next minutes that God will gift you with. For every bit of joy that you may feel has ever been taken from you, it can be given back. For every bad year, God can erase the memory of that with just one outstanding moment. Your divorce may have seem to have emptied all the encouragement out of you; with the most damaging emptiness trying to creep in to take its place. Don’t allow it.

There are still many breath taking moments for you to live out, but you got to be present to win. Healing can be found in the discovery of you reaching your dreams. Healing happens when the pain is allowed to come out constructively. Reach for the stars. Reach for the God who made the stars. Allow Him to reach deep down on the inside of you to revive you again.

Die empty of your greatness, because it all on the inside of you waiting to come out.


Life-Giving Declaration

“I will be kind to others and myself.” Simple truths. The kindness that you sow into others comes back to you. The kindness you sow into yourself nurtures your heart and soul which allows you to show even more kindness. Kindness is an inspiration, and it can touch the coldest of hearts. When you cover your life with a blanket of kindness, that same kindness will be a comfort to you in times that you need it. Remember, your life is what you make it. Extend kindness when you have the opportunity and live it in your life as an example.

A Vision for the Future

Seeing past the life that you THOUGHT you were going to have is one of the most difficult things for the mind to do. When a person has a vision for their future, and that gets totally rearranged, it is enough to mentally send someone over the edge, make a person bitter, or it can move someone into a dark damp place. A vision is defined as the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be. In anticipation there is a wait that is happening. So, a vision that gets derails with what you thought would be your future, but it destroys your anticipation which is a form of your hope. Hope deferred can sicken the heart, hope destroyed can kill the heart.

What then when all that I wrote about happens and you have to envision something totally different for your future? I could simply answer to get a new vision but as we read before it is not that easy. It is going to require you to acquire a new anticipation and get your hope back. God is number one in that. because He knew what was going to happen all along. Yes, He knew already. So if God knew already, then He is well able to give you A NEW VISION FOR THE FUTURE, YOUR FUTURE, AND RENEW YOUR HOPE. It is going to be necessary for you to give your mind to God and let everyone know “IT IS UNDER A GOD-CONSTRUCTION”. A new vision may not come right away, but while God is doing what He does best, you will be getting more clarity and direction on where you should go, and where you should be. In that, the vision will reinstate your hope.

As I sit here and walk with my hand in God’s hand, I am comforted. I know that the new vision for my future can be seen more and more each day. My hope has a heartbeat again. It is not easy, but it is doable. Trust Him my friend. Trust Him.

When Words Are Not Enough

From any angle divorce is horrible. It is a death to parts of us that one can barely put into words. A groan could only express the hurt sometimes because words do not seem to be enough. Thank God that He understands the groans of our pain as well. Sometimes my quietness is not a lack of my intelligence but a lack of finding the right words. Even the best writers or story tellers can’t do justice to what we go through in this life. It is in these times that you have to sit down, close everyone else off, and ask God to manifest His presence. Please know that God is always with us because He is omnipresence, but when He manifests, that is something all together different. The manifestation brings a comfort, peace, a hug, a clarity, and a cleansing. It reinforces your faith that God is real and His healing ability is real. The manifestation of God’s presence is equal to the tangible presence of your best friend.

There are depths to us that no one can reach. Not even the greatest love of our lives can’t touch it. It is a place that the creator only has access to and when we hurt He uses that access to begin mending brokenness, changing hearts, and giving strength. This is why it is so important to know Him. Know Him as a supernatural God, but also know Him as a practical Father that loves you very much. God is not arrogant in regards to being God as we secretly ponder at times. He is not on an ego trip. He knows who He is and what He created, which is you. Who better to trust.

When words are not enough He knows. When crying gets old He understands. When the pain seems to weigh tons He can lift it. He is there. He is here. He is everywhere at once. In Jesus name manifest right now to each and every reader of this blog. Renew faith. Renew understanding. Renew strength right now God. Amen.

Happy Mother’s Day

This day can’t come without enough thank yous, I love yous, and congratulations for a job well done. To each and every mother that is feeling forgotten about, remember that you are not. To each and every mother that feels that she has not done a good enough job with her kids; remember you can always start a new. God’s mercies are new everyday. To each and every mother that is unfortunately not with us physically, thank you for the gift that you left here as your legacy. God is able. To each and every hardworking mother that can’t be with your children for this special day; pray for your kids and know that God is always with them and ensures them of your love. For each and every woman that desires motherhood; I salute you and pray the miracle of Sarah and Hannah over your life. I command the seed to come forth in Jesus name and bless you. I thank God in advance for the manifestation of your miracle. To each and every spiritual mother, I thank you for your commitment and pray for your clarity. Happy Mother’s Day to each and every mother. Happy Mother’s Day to my mother who has been the best natural and spiritual mother! Vanessa Taylor you are a blessing to my life, your granddaughter and the many who know you. Thank you for all that you have done, do, and will continue to do just because you take being a mother seriously. Thank you for never giving up or in. Thank you for always pushing my sister and I towards our best! We love you and thank you! Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!

Life-Giving Declaration

“I will strive for a peaceful heart.” Proverbs 14:30 (NLT) says A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body… Peaceful means free from war, strife, commotion, violence, or disorder. If you really ponder that it seems impossible. The success of reality TV and women’s movies would be nothing without war, strife, commotion, violence, or disorder. Although it is understood that “some” of television is meant to teach lessons, it is also known that most of it is merely for the entertainment factor. So it would be fair to say that we are not entertained by peace. That is scary because it then brings me to the next thought which is how do we achieve a peaceful heart then when that is not what we desire to absorb? The following suggestions are just some of the things I am starting to do to get my peaceful heart back! Obtaining a peaceful heart means limiting the intake of that which is not peaceful, practice forgiveness constantly and consistently, submit your mind to positive thoughts and goals, and of course establish a relationship with God. Without a peaceful heart comes stress, followed by major medical conditions. This can make having a wholly healthy heart or body impossible. Our joy, health, success, good sleep, forgiveness, and love will be found in the peaceful heart that we all need.

Life-Giving Declaration

“I must become familiar with what is inside of me.” Who can know it until its tested? “It” in that question can be your strength, loyalty, dedication, honesty, commitment, love, or dislike. The testing of many different situations in our lives will give us the knowledge of who we are and what we are capable of if we pay attention to it. If you need to know what is inside of you, good or bad just look at what decisions you are making or have made. I always want to encourage you with these declarations but I want it understood that just like you have the talent, success, and overall empowerment for a beautiful life, you also have what is not needed and keeping you from the life that you desire. Always keep that in mind. There is nothing wrong with getting rid of things that do not benefit you. Exercising is necessary and great, but we have missed the importance of having good moral character and values that guide to success and keep us strong. Be aware of who you are so that someone can’t tell you who you are not. Embrace the total you. Anything you want to change is within your power to do so.

Life-Giving Declarations

“Doing the RIGHT thing, takes one RIGHT decision at a time.” Most of us really do want to do the right thing. We want to go back to school for a better life. We want to stay at home with our families despite the lust we are feeling for a life of inhibition. We want to be present mommies and daddies. WE REALLY DO WANT TO DO THE RIGHT THING. Why don’t we? You are looking at the whole elephant at one time and thinking how you are gong to eat it all. One bite at a time is all it takes. One right decision is all it takes to get you where you desire to be. Don’t allow the enemy to get you focused on the wrong decisions that you have made and their results. Those even took one decision at a time to make. Take the opportunity to do the right thing when the opportunity presents itself. You can do it! Remember God is always with you.

Life-Giving Declarations

“I am an overcomer.” The definition of an overcomer is to get the better of in a struggle or conflict; to conquer; to defeat. It is funny how it takes no convincing that we are “less than”, but unbelievable when we are told that we are “more than”. Why are we so convinced of our failure or lack of worth? How would you define yourself? Would it be filled with positive, uplifting, or encouraging words? At some point you have to answer how you feel about you. Know what you are capable of. You are capable of overcoming. You can get the best of each struggle or conflict that you have ever faced or will face. Pray to God to show you just how much strength you really do have. You are going to be surprised.

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