Having to start over is liken to a reset button in the middle of a game that you were playing and had every intention of finishing. Frustration sets in instantly because at that moment you know that you are going to have to -start-all-over-again! Who wants to really start from the beginning?! On the other hand, others would argue that starting over gives you an opportunity to play the game differently, and hopefully better. But, what if you felt like you were doing it right the first time and the “reset” was pressed unfairly?

The truth is the “reset” of life happens often. One cannot plan for it, nor can it or will it be avoided. It is the “jack in the box” of life popping out to surprise us even when we did turn the handle. Our lives will change. Our lives do change. Our lives are changing. Thus, the need to start over.

It is fact that starting over can entail you physically having to reposition, it can require that a perspective shift has to occur, or that there is a release that needs to take place so you can move forward. It can appear to be a lot of work, nevertheless it may be just want you need. I know that our wants are so much more exciting to possess, but remember our needs are so much more vital to our being. At times we need to “reset”.

Be encouraged! A reset is a chance to realign and readjust. It is an opportunity to take an assessment of what was, and do better by what is going to be. Embrace your reset as you would a newly purchased home. Get inspired to tend the yard. Take the time to strategize how you want to make things in your life or situation look and ultimately be better. Be fearless to confront the big empty rooms and do not be afraid to mess up! It’s yours. Your life is good, even if it is not perfect. We were created by God to be able to withstand many storms. The changes are simply that, a change, not the end of our world. Your reset means that there is a new beginning starting, not your life ending.