I am equipped! Come on say, it out loud! I am equipped! Equipped by definition means to furnish or provide whatever is needed for use or for any undertaking. What keeps you up at night tormenting you about how you are going to fail? What makes you feel as if you have no tools or resources? Whatever “it” is has not had you to stand up to it yet. I always say that confrontation can be a very good thing! However you must be prepared with the response of confrontation and while doing so be firm on your position. So here is your chance to speak to your ability to handle what is in front of you, and what will come at you. You are equipped to win. You are equipped to love the unloveable. You are equipped to forgive. You are equipped to pray even when you feel like you can’t. Do not give feelings of discouragement lots of ground. Put it in its place; out of your mind! You really do have everything that you need.