Can you recall the faces that are hung on the wall of a doctor’s office or in an emergency room? The faces range from a frown to a smile. The chart is suppose to be an indication of your pain level. What about when they simply want to know what level is your pain; score it from 1 to 10. Have you ever had your pain feel like it ranked an 8 or higher, but yet you still managed to make it to the doctor or emergency room anyway? How did you continue to push through such pain?! What motivated you to keep going to get there? Was it the motivation for a CURE of the PAIN; many would agree.

Your mind was made up to go get the help you needed and your strength had to follow. Which means your strength was there before the pain. Catch that? Your strength was there before the pain. The very attributes that we love in a “movie hero” lie in us all. We often do not understand how powerful we really are. God designed us to adapt and persevere. He knew what we would need to make it in this life. Do we have strength in the midst of the pain we experience in life? Yes! We were created with it.

Your strength will not lessen the pain because that is not strength’s purpose. Strength is not meant to cure pain, it is meant to take you through it. It is the wind in your back when you want to fall backwards and give up. Your cure comes as you persevere. Know that God has fully equipped you.