Inspired this morning by a sermon from Breakaway Ministries. I listened to a podcast about “Temptations”. He talked about how the tactics of temptation are strategic. I must share this with you. Listed below are some he talked about and others that were revealed to me.

1.) They desire to “poke fun” at your beliefs. When temptation strikes it will yield the illusion that you are the only one that has a moral standard or belief in that particular area of enticement. Be aware of why you believe what you believe. Confront what could possibly be leading you in the opposite direction of that. Is it the promise of pleasure, satisfaction, or success?

2.) Distract your mind. The distraction of your mind is key with temptation because it longs to entertain you. Entertainment can fascinate us for hours on end with content that has absolutely no value at all. Temptation knows that if it can entertain you then you will tune in daily, then temptation will begin to make suggestions, then your behavior follows. Be care of this. Check your thoughts as well as what is “entertaining” them.

3.) Use of the fifth column approach. I once read this book “Loyalty and Disloyalty” (hope I got the name right) and it talked about the power of the “fifth column” The fifth column is used to destroy something from the inside out. It infiltrates from the inside by sowing things like deception and miscommunication with the purpose of weakening the foundation that is established along with the sowing of discord between ALL parties involved. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book but it works every time. With that being said be alert to the motives and intentions of those close to you. Make sure they are imparting the right things and not imparting garbage that brings confusion and chaos.

The goal was to shake you awake to pay attention better in your own life. Do not sit idly by and watch something malfunction without your earnest and prayerful attempt to prevent it. This is your wake up call!!!

Understand that temptation is strategic, not invincible. You can beat it. Temptation needs four key things to be successful in your life; your pride, your lack of focus, your lack of conviction and your willingness to keep God out of your business. Make your mind up that supporting your pride is not more important than the embarrassment and hurt it can cause at the end of the day. You do not want that legacy. Your lack of focus means your attention is on the wrong thing. Get a hold of it because what glitters, looks like gold. That’s it. It “looks” like it. Which means gold is not what it is. Do not end of broke because you made a faulty investment. Convictions are key. Do not listen to people who say your only conviction should be, to be a good person. Because good is based on who is making the rule of “good”. God is the only one truly capable of being objective to what good is and He designed it to benefit everyone. Let’s face it. Our good usually only benefits us. You and I need that guidance. Our yield to temptation is killing figuratively and literally.

Let me say this in closing regarding your relationship with God. You are His creation whether you want to be or not. Stop fighting Him for control and get Him involved in your business. The tangled web we weave in our lives needs a solution that has a power beyond this world. Seriously it does. He knows our lives better anyway. Trust me you will eventually come to the end of your knowledge, your problem-solving abilities, and your strength.