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March 2014

Pivotal Moments


You suddenly forget that time exists. You’re breathing in and out, in and out; then the feeling of pay attention becomes heavy like a winter coat. The hypnosis of “this” moment won’t break. Nothing seems more vital, and nothing else is crossing your mind. You are trying to take it all in. What is this?

One definition of pivotal describes it as of vital or critical importance. The word “moment” supports the substance of “time” from various angles which stresses its fleeting existence. The initial definition defines moment as instant. We allow life to happen too quickly sometimes, and in that quickness we get only a moment to really plug into those times that were meant to impart a key message to us, direct us another way, or stop us from making the biggest mistake of our lives.

It is time to slow it down. Yesterday I went to a business event that was clearly my pivotal moment. The drive and ambition in that room was off the charts!!! I could not sit still enough to capture all that was being said. This moment was for me. This business event imparted to me a message that I have been hearing in my spirit a long time; move! Along with the confirmation of it being the time to “grow up on a whole other level”. Simultaneously God was confirming for me know that I had everything that I needed to allow the greatness IN me, to become the greatness that is now IN the earth doing what it was meant to do, and helping who it was destined to help. Ideas began to flow. My heart was standing at attention. In that moment truth was confronting me. I have not been doing what I am supposed to be doing. I don’t have an excuse.

How comfortable are you with confrontation? How comfortable are you with having to confront yourself? Have you done so lately? A true pivotal moment will cause this. You will have to confront yourself. You will have to get comfortable with doing it. You must do it sooner, rather than later or you could miss it. Do not miss not one more of your pivotal moments! Open your eyes and ears to what is being shown or spoken to you. God does have a plan for you. Wisdom is what we need to understand when we are in that moment because it won’t always be a feeling attached to it.

Proverbs 1:2-3 (NLT) Their purpose is to teach people wisdom and discipline,
to help them understand the insights of the wise.
3 Their purpose is to teach people to live disciplined and successful lives,
to help them do what is right, just, and fair.


Why is Your Top Floof so Floofeh?

Ok so funny and cute!

One………. Last……….Cry


How many times must I shed “these” tears? You’ve thought it. I’ve thought it. The truth is, there is not an exact answer to that because each moment of life is so very unpredictable. They will come without warning. When they come, they will not fall the same way, nor will they allow evidence of their presence to go unnoticed. One….last….cry? Is it possible?

Psalms 56:8 says, You number my wanderings;Put my tears into Your bottle…(NKJV). Every tear that I have cried over this divorce is within my Father’s care. The thought comforts me. I wonder does my jar ever overflow? Is each jar labeled with the different reasons of why I have shed them? Where does God keep them? Maybe you have never heard this scripture before, but it calls out to you to ponder if your tears are also in God’s care as well. Yes they are. The scripture says that God cared enough to collect them. So I am at peace with saying that since He cared enough to collect them, then He must care enough to tend to the reasons that they were cried.

Each woman or man healing from the rejection, the betrayal and fear of divorce, understand that God knows. The tears that you have cried are a part of the process. “Those” tears are those marked by the death of one becoming two again and the ripping apart is painful. Will tomorrow hold your one last cry? Most likely not, but understand that each tear has and will be accounted for.

Trust and believe your healing is happening right now. Be encourage, because for the next second after you read this, rejoice that you just made it through another moment. Keep going!

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