How many times must I shed “these” tears? You’ve thought it. I’ve thought it. The truth is, there is not an exact answer to that because each moment of life is so very unpredictable. They will come without warning. When they come, they will not fall the same way, nor will they allow evidence of their presence to go unnoticed. One….last….cry? Is it possible?

Psalms 56:8 says, You number my wanderings;Put my tears into Your bottle…(NKJV). Every tear that I have cried over this divorce is within my Father’s care. The thought comforts me. I wonder does my jar ever overflow? Is each jar labeled with the different reasons of why I have shed them? Where does God keep them? Maybe you have never heard this scripture before, but it calls out to you to ponder if your tears are also in God’s care as well. Yes they are. The scripture says that God cared enough to collect them. So I am at peace with saying that since He cared enough to collect them, then He must care enough to tend to the reasons that they were cried.

Each woman or man healing from the rejection, the betrayal and fear of divorce, understand that God knows. The tears that you have cried are a part of the process. “Those” tears are those marked by the death of one becoming two again and the ripping apart is painful. Will tomorrow hold your one last cry? Most likely not, but understand that each tear has and will be accounted for.

Trust and believe your healing is happening right now. Be encourage, because for the next second after you read this, rejoice that you just made it through another moment. Keep going!