As I stood in the hallway with my heart breaking I totally understood this person’s pain, and their desire to be loved. The desire to love someone who is just for you. Why can’t you have that? What can’t I have that? “They” attempt to console you while their hands holding are the hands of the person that loves them; all the while your hands grasp at the air. “They” don’t really know how you feel. My bed is empty; yours is filled.

The response from any good friend to another would be, “But you are a beautiful person. Anyone would be lucky to have you! You just have to wait for the right one.” But even as encouraging as these words are, you still feel unloved. As much love as you have to give, you still have no one to give it to.

The pain of being alone is too much to bear at times. I see this pain being played out in various ways that tend to wound the lonely that experiences it. The pain of rejected love wounds at such a high level. We were created to be loved, and to love. Can you stand to be beautiful, but not loved by that “special someone”? Is the love of your family enough? Is the love of your friends enough? What about the love of God, is it enough? These resources of love are often minimized and even ignored.

We don’t hear it enough, but there is love that sustains you from the inside out while keeping the loneliness at bay. That love does indeed belong to God. Maybe His love is not explained enough. God’s love is constant. Because it is constant, you can trust it. You can trust it to be there when you want it, and when you don’t. It was woven into your being at the time of your conception. Until that special man or woman comes into your life, it is a necessity to be rooted in His love. Learn about it. Have something to compare your “special someone’s love” to. It should also be constant and able to be trusted. At any point that you doubt it, get your measuring tape out. Does it measure up?

Know this, beauty does not guaranteed a life without pain. Beautiful things are mistreated all the time. Look at time. We waste it often. Beautiful things are sometimes not loved the way that they should be. That does not mean that the beautiful things stop being beautiful. They still are. Look at nature. Those things maintain their beauty while understanding that the appropriate caregiver of its beauty will appear. So in the meantime be patient in your journey for who God has for you. But your assignment is to become ready for him, or her. I take this to heart, because I have to be patient along with you.

1 John 4:16 (KJV)

And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him