Everyday after a divorce is liken to walking through quick sand. In every move you seem to sink more and more. Then panic come on some days because from time to time you managed to look down and you realize that soon the quick sand could possibly swallow you. “Will it?”, you wonder.

Be reassured that it won’t. God will not let it. You are able to take the steps that you need after a divorce without sinking in that quick sand, or the fear of it. It is going to take another level of dedication from you. It will require you to dig down deep for the strength that has already been imparted to you. It is there. Trust me. It is going to take you being wiling to be in the wilderness alone so that God can work on some things. You may, or may not get visitors, but you will be assigned a midwife. Who is your midwife? Definitely not anyone that you would expect. So remain open for who, and or what God will send.

Today I pray for your strength. Today I pray for your peace of mind. I pray that you receive the comfort that you need to make it through to the next moment. I am encouraging your move forward. Trust God for what He is going to do. Trust Him for what He is able to do. Know that a future is possible. Everyday that you live you just stepped into that future. No matter what happens God has got you.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5