Who’s next? Does it matter? Heck yes it does! After a divorce it is so very important to be careful regarding the next person that you invite in. Because whom ever that person is will either be an enhancement, or a trip back down memory lane because statistically speaking we tend to pick the same person over and over and over. It happens so organically that it seems normal. This is why we need to take break before we say,”Who’s next?!”

Relationship Must Reviews

1.) Re-calibrate your expectations. Stop expecting the same thing. Don’t be afraid to desire something different, and don’t be afraid of what that “different” might be.
2.) Get a clear indication of what you desire for your life to look like. This means that as you look deeply into the person that you want to be, the new person that you want needs to be an asset to that.
3.) Let’s just say it, the old person that you were with had some great qualities–but! Exactly “but”; move the “but” out of the way. Take time to define the qualities you truly desire.
4.) Don’t wast time with a filler. If they are not the one, be willing to walk away quickly. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!
5.) Do not be fooled, you need someone that has a spiritual foundation to what is similar to yours. Being on one accord is a GREAT thing!
6.) Trust God for the best. Don’t settle.

There is no better plan than to wait for God to place someone in your life. I will be honest, this is one of those statements that is more easily made than actually done. As who I am is redefining, what I want is also. I am opening my mind up to what God could have for me in a different physical package than what I would normally choose,or perhaps a different cultural background. Remember that you are not the same person after your divorce! You have learned, grown, and shifted. Allow that change to move you into a newness that you can enjoy. It is nothing wrong with different.

Again, decide what type of love you want! I have decided that I want a “Song of Solomon” type of love and courtship! If you have not read that book of the Bible it is worth the read! It is very passionate!!! But there is one scripture that I love from the book and it is great wisdom for the time that we are in.

Song of Solomon 2:7

7 Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, by the gazelles and wild deer, not to awaken love until the time is right.

Don’t say, “Who’s next?!” unless you are truly ready. Vet through the old garbage so that it does not effect the new. No need to rush.