If I could pick up, get on a plane, and fly somewhere right now I would! There is so much that goes through my mind in a single day. The divorce is just one of the traumas that I have experienced. The trials have seemed to keep coming and it has mentally taken a toll. Surviving trauma causes every survival skill that you never knew you had to surface.  You are able to cry without a tear falling from your eyes. You become able to yell without raising your voice. You also have become able to fight without anyone getting actually punched. It is a defense against those that simply want to prey on your pain versus helping you through it.

So because of the “safety factor”,  everything is happening inside your head. I know it is safe in there, but it is not the most healthy outlet. Your mind is taking a mental beating and your mind is much too important to not care for it properly. Get outside of your mental box and allow it to relax. A break is a must!

If you need to take a breather, do it. If you need to fly away to get a change of scenery, do it. I encourage you to do everything in wisdom but do what you need to do. Don’t just think about it. Get outside of your head and just be. Take a break as you need them. Rejuvenation is key.