My name is J.W. and I am a 36-year-old divorcee. Hopefully that will get easier to say. My passion is writing and I have authored several books, songs, and poems that are awaiting publication. I also love ministry. I have one daughter that is in college. She is the love of my life and keeps me going, encouraged,and  focused. (WHEN SHE IS NOT LOOKING FOR A HANDOUT! LOL..I AIN’T NO ATM!) Okay well now that I have vented that I want to tell you more about me and why this blog.

I was married almost 12 years. We were together for a total of almost 14 years. He got all my twenties. My divorce happened so fast that I did not have time to feel the devastation fully. I will talk more about that, but it was what God allowed and a part of His plan at that time. How do you plan for a celebration and a divorce? I had to. I didn’t want to. What was I suppose to do, die? I wanted to hide. I was embarrassed, but I knew that I had to save face so that the destruction could be delayed regarding my daughter. August of 2012 she was starting college. She was our then last child in the home. So you see, I was celebrating the start of her new life and suffering the lost of her presence at the same time. I was desperately going to miss her. All the while my then husband was telling me that he did not want to fight for our marriage and did not know why. So it happened, June 2012 I was planning for my 12 year anniversary, July 2012 I found out “for sure” that he was cheating, and December 2012 my divorce was final. Yes it happened that quickly. How did I get through it? God, one step at a time, writing, and I am doing it right now.

Why this blog? This blog is about my journey through divorce. I am sure that you have one and I want to hear about it. This blog is about sharing my experience so that it can help someone, save someone, and/or restore someone. I am the instrument, it will be God’s wisdom. I do not have the monopoly on good advice. I am just one resource. I have God’s word, the Holy Spirit, of course Jesus Christ paves the way, my mom, my daughter, my Pastors, and friends.

I am here to share so that you can learn. Allow my vulnerability to be your comfort. It is really okay to talk about it. I have to. So I choose to talk to you.