Have you ever gotten disconnected from something voluntarily or involuntarily that was not good for you? Have you ever felt like, “Hmmm I think I stayed here too long.”? Even when we have these moments that cut us away from the poison we tend to long for the poison back, thus end up “getting pulled back in” because we can’t let go. We miss our opportunity for not only the bondage to leave our lives, but the chance to live in freedom and peace.

Why are we so attracted to “the pull”? Is it possible that we get pulled back in because we have left our hearts, ears, or eyes attentive to that situation? You know what I mean. We still have sex with a toxic ex because if we can’t have them committed, then we settle for only having them sexually, which leaves our bodies attentive to their call, other times we continually listen to the gossip of friends which then makes the unforgiveness you are so desperately trying to get rid of virtually impossible, or we simply continue to look at the “good times” and refuse to acknowledge the actual problems. All the while we do not realize that are refusing to emotionally break free so……. we “get pulled back in”.

Our rational for this is simple, “It was not all bad.”. And that may truly be the case, but then the question becomes, “Was it the best situation for you?” Were you getting better in the relationship or situation? Were you being fulfilled? How much did you really have to compensate to make the wonderful situation or relationship “seem” as wonderful as you think it was?

My advice is to caution you when dealing with a break-up of any kind is…..to take a break and clear your head by taking some time away from the person or situation. This way you can see it clearly. Then pray. A God’s-Eye view is always higher than a birds-eye view. Seek wisdom about the situation from those that actually have wisdom! This means that you probably won’t agree with what they have to say; listen anyway please! Lastly, DO NOT MAKE A DECISION BASED OFF OF THE EMOTION OF DESPERATION!

I want you to be able to see it for what it is, good, bad, or indifferent. I myself always pray for God to expose what I can’t see so I can discern what may not yet be revealed to me in the natural. Use ALL OF YOUR SENSES AND GOOD COMMON SENSE PLEASE SO YOU WILL BE ABLE TO Avoid “getting pulled back in” regarding something that you should walk away from.