My “IT” is going to be totally different from yours but nevertheless it is equally achievable and important. What is “IT” for me? “IT” is my books that I am written and are now awaiting publishing. “IT” is my speaking career. “IT” is my health back, it is time to lose even more weight. “IT” is my ability to fully love again after this divorce. “IT” is my healing for my heart. “IT” is every dream I have ever dreamed. This song always reminds me of that.

What is your “IT”? You can go back to school. You can love again. You are able to be successful. You are able to reach every dream. You can be a great mom. You are able to be a great dad. You can restore an important relationship. “IT” is going to take your 100% of your prayers, faith, dedication, commitment, and focus. Are you willing? If so, allow this song by Mary Mary to encourage you and ……GO GET IT!