Waiting in Line

Y’all help me get this. Patience it is one of the fruits of the spirit. It is one of those attributes that allows a person to wait in a line with a smile on their face when there is not reason for the line in the first place and that same attribute allows one to smile at their newly hired cashier that is very, very slow.

Who would not want to have patience expressed towards them? I would. You would. But the truth is that what we want, we do not always desire to give. I do not have patience for some things!!! Okay I guess I just shed light on my own rant. I do have patience! However it is only for what I WANT IT FOR! Interesting….very interesting. I am just like any other human that walks the face of this planet and trying to stay SAVED! It gets hard because I do not have patience for foolery, nonsense, or stupidity! But at the same time I am guilty of having been all of those!

So this is the bottom line. We all want peace. There are attributes that allow peace into your life and one of those is…..PATIENCE….PATIENCE….PATIENCE. Patience is one of those things that keeps you at a state of relaxation, allows you to think in clarity, as well as being able to make good decisions on a whim. Because you are not in auto panic mode. I am admittedly a work in progress as I know you are as well. What do we do next to get to our “patient place”? Pray, make a decision to be patient and then practice, practice, practice!