Boy Hiding Gift Behind His Back

Dear God,

How dare they try to apologize to me! Who wants that sorry, I’m sorry anyway? I really do not know if I am sorry would be good enough for the hurt that they have caused me. Can just one of the people that hurt me die slowly or quickly its Your choice Lord? Okay Lord, it is not right to kill them, soooooooooooooooo can You just dismember them a bit? There are plenty of people getting along just fine with one arm or leg. Hmmmmm….. naw because they would just appreciate the handicap parking spot that they would get and it would upset me that they would get better parking than me. What else could I hope for? Hmmmmmm…… Okay Lord final plea at the ideas of revenge You could do, to get back at them for me, send them to hell.

(Put Your Name Here)

It is really sobering to see how we feel sometimes in front of us. I can’t lie I would be able to insert my name in that spot as well, but the fact is that we should not be able to. I read a recent post of my Facebook that read “Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology that you never got. How sobering. Talk about a forgiving heart! The Word of God says that a fortified (heavily defended) city is easier to win over than an offended brother. It is so true. The physical strength of many is easier to overcome than the hardened, hurt, or broken heart of just “ONE”. Yet we leave a string of the offense we have cause in others and never have apologized. It is not even in our bucket list.

Shame on each of us. However I will tell you that we do have to get to the point where an apology is secondary to our ability to forgive because if God did answer those types of prayers, then there would be no me to write this blog, nor a you to read it. The absolute truth is that we owe apologies that we will perhaps never give, and we are owed apologies that we will probably never get. Allow God to prepare you heart for the offense that you encounter in this life. It allows a mental freedom that you can only dream of. Think about how much worry we lend to past hurt. Is “the apology” really worth your peace? You pray for me in this and I will pray for you.

I am admittedly a work in progress.