In order to fully understand this post, please read : I Ain’t Got Time For That! There are many ways that I could release the anger that I was feeling inside. For one, I could have unleashed the eating demon and ate myself to a Earth-like waistline, it was already almost there, or I could find a way to release the EXTREME ANGER that I was feeling without hurting me. I have daily declarations that I have written and one of them says: I will not destroy myself with addictive behaviors or habits. The other says: I will release my anger responsibly.

So once again, snapping on my ex or his mistress was not the answer. My Pastor said in church one Sunday, “Leave the revenge up to God. He loves you too much for you to ruin your name trying to get your own revenge.” I work out 6 to 7 times a week, write, work, and talk to my support system. When I feel my anger overwhelming me I pray and turn on some praise and worship. I allow myself to feel it but I do not allow it to take me mentally, emotionally, or physically to a bad place. I reach out! You must reach out! Do not turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, cutting, or other self-destructive means. Keep in mind that YOU are just as important as them. Why should YOU suffer? Why hurt the most important person, YOU? Think about it.

Some ways that you can combat your anger responsibly is to realize that you can’t change the outcome without the consent of the other party. This is called accepting the situation for what it is. This has helped me to gain the correct perspective so that I don’t get hung up on trying to change the outcome. Another way to combat your anger responsibly is to understand that although it hurts, you really can live through the pain. Allow the pain to teach you, not discourage you.

So a responsible way of releasing your anger is by talking, exercising, praying, music, boxing, other extremely physical sports that help get the aggression out, write, sing, or help some else. Believe me, the anger will revisit, but be determined that it cannot become a permanent houseguest. Discover a responsible outlet for the anger. Use it, do not let it use you.